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Fourplus, the king of skin rejuvenation

Fourplus device is a new generation of rf mechanisms and made in Italy. It uses the power of Dynamic Quadrupole Radio Frequency (DQRF™) technology. 4PLUS is an innovative machine with RF technology designed to focus energy release precisely on three different tissue layers, using gentle heat to stimulate subcutaneous collagen production and tissue regeneration, while leaving the surrounding tissue intact.
4PLUS is a device that uses radiofrequency technology for rejuvenation, tightening and contouring of the face and body, which is safe, effective and very convenient for both the doctor and the patient. The operation of this device is completely non-invasive, which is done in a short period of time and immediately after the work, the patient can return to her daily activities and does not need a recovery period.

دستگاه فورپلاس

Five exclusive technologies

Using the power of radio frequency (RF) to provide effective and safe treatments






In order to obtain effective and comfortable treatments, NovaClinical has developed highly specialized and completely non-invasive technologies with full respect for the natural physiological processes of the human body.

Variable Radio Frequency (VRF) technology in Araf Fourplus device

This technology with predetermined frequencies allows the RF energy to be focused deep in the skin and the surface layers do not get heated, and the treated area receives the maximum amount of energy. In this way, treatments specific to the dermis and hypodermis are possible safely and effectively by combining VRF and DQRF technology.

Radio frequency safety system (RSS) in 4plus device

4plus radio frequency device is equipped with the best safe radio frequency technology (for patients) in the world.
Fourplus is equipped with exclusive Radio Frequency Safety System (RSS) technology. This technology prevents any possible complications by constantly controlling the temperature of the treated tissue.

RSS™ technology makes 4plus treatments safe for both patient and operator. In this way, the temperature of the 4 electrodes on the handpiece is continuously controlled to reach the required level and does not allow the temperature to rise.

This technology combines the auxiliary function of a motion sensor with temperature sensors and directly protects the patient to have full control of the session with Bio-Feedback. In this way, the patient stops the treatment by pressing a button in case of discomfort and pressure during the treatment with the Fourplus device.

The handpiece movement monitoring system ensures complete safety in the treatment and prevents excessive consumption of electrical energy on the tissue by preventing the fixed position or incorrect movements of the handpiece.

This system controls handpiece movement and prevents excessive static positions to prevent harmful heat transfer to the dermis. A skin temperature sensor allows the operator to assess whether the desired effects (temperature rise) are being achieved, while protecting the tissue from over-rise, which is automatically limited by the system to the operator. It warns and eventually blocks the release of energy

Ultrapulsed Radioporation technology in the 4plus device

UPR™ technology in the RF Fourplus device is an innovative technology. During the treatment with the 4plus device, using energy micropulses, increasing the permeability of the cell membrane and also opening the water channels, enables the transfer of active substances. This technology is able to create water channels in membrane cells and therefore allows deep penetration of active ingredients that normally cannot be easily absorbed by the skin, such as hyaluronic acid, lipolytic agents and vitamins.


(DYNAMISM AND CONFIGURATION FLEXIBILITY) What differentiates the RF Fourplus device from other treatment devices is its dynamic quadrupole radio frequency technology or DQRF™, this technology is an invention of the Novaclinical company and offers an alternative and non-surgical treatment. This technology is based on multipolar and dynamic RF energy propagation, which can focus the energy in the target layer, either epidermis, dermis, or hypoderm, and in addition to preventing energy wastage, it also prevents thermal propagation to surrounding healthy tissues and thus Safe, comfortable and effective treatment is provided for the patient.

Dynamic quadrupole radiofrequency radiation focuses energy on the layer of tissue being treated, dramatically reducing energy requirements and risks.

legs and knees

Abdomen and hips


the arms

face and neck

Medical Internet of Things technology in Fourplus RF device

The RF Fourplus device with the updated LoMT technology allows you to always have an up-to-date device. IoMT™ technology connects each device directly to the parent company and allows the Novaclinical team to provide remote support.

This new technology makes support services available to its customers at any time and place.

Advantages of loMT technology in Araf Fourplus device:

  • Remote support and services
  • continuous education
  • Online treatment protocols
  • Constantly updating the device
  • Storage of medical data
  • Access to reports on treatment methods
  • Continuous communication with the faculty of the company
  • Sharing treatment experiences with other doctors around the world (custom protocols, special cases, medical history, follow-up data)
  • Personal reminders to patients

Advantages of Fourplus RF device:

  • Dynamic quadrupole radio frequency technology
  • Multipurpose platform for face and body
  • Six technologies in one platform
  • No loss of energy during treatment
  • Activity focused on epidermis, dermis and hypodermis
  • Five handpieces including fractional RF with 32 gold-plated pins
  • Non-stop operation, no need for anesthesia or cooling system
  • Various face and body treatments include: Rejuvenation, contouring, shaping, lifting and tightening
  • Focused and precise effect on the desired skin layer
  • Fully visible and long-term clinical results
  • Short sessions without recovery period
  • Multiple treatment protocols with the help of multiple handpieces
  • RSS technology to increase the work safety factor
  • Reduce side effects
  • Ability to sterilize handpieces through autoclave

4PLUS device handpieces


Fractional handpiece with 32 gold-plated pins, each with 12 skin contact points, containing a total of 384 microneedles.


Handpiece with 32 gold plated needles to focus on specific areas

Small treatment areas


Medium treatment areas


Large treatment areas


*All handpieces of the device can be disinfected and autoclaved*

Fourplus clinical applications

This device is used in the field of rejuvenation, slimming and fitness due to the use of various technologies and different handpieces.

Clinical applications in the field of rejuvenation and fitness

  • Face lifting and contouring
  • Hand and neck rejuvenation
  • Fractional exfoliation including stretch marks
  • Body shaping and contouring
  • Reducing cellulite and tightening the skin

Clinical applications of Gynecology

Treatment of vaginal atrophy

Reduction of vaginal tissue laxity

Treatment of mild to moderate stress urinary incontinence

Eliminating dryness, itching and burning of the vagina and the release of air from the vagina

Rejuvenation and shaping of the external genital area

Relieving pain during intercourse

Treatment of infertility caused by obesity

Diabetes and fat control before pregnancy

Treatment of ovarian laziness

Vagina whitening

Eliminating scars and stretch marks

Manufacturer company


The Italian company Novaclinical has more than 30 years of experience in the field of laser and radiofrequency technologies in the field of rejuvenation and slimming.

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