Tesla Former

TESLA Former is a device that uses the new FMS technology to provide a pulsed magnetic field that can contract the muscles through its effect on the motor nerves of the muscles in the desired location.
The TESLA Former machine creates supermaximal contractions to build muscle cells faster than the voluntary muscle contractions that will be experienced during traditional strength training.

What is FMS?

FMS or Functional Magnetic Stimulation, the pulsed magnetic field produced by the device causes intense contraction and expansion of the muscles to strengthen them in the areas of the hips, abdomen, hamstrings, arms and pelvic floor.

FMS stands for Functional Magnetic Stimulation, which means functional magnetic stimulation is an effective alternative to electrical stimulation methods, because it has many benefits for rehabilitation. Magnetic fields are less painful, allow deep penetration into heterogeneous biological tissue, and do not require skin contact. FMS does not stimulate pain nerves on the surface of the skin and is therefore more pleasant than classical electrical stimulation.

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Desirable body areas to work with TESLA Former

mid-body muscles


Abdomen and hips

the arms


Key benefits of working with Tesla Farmer

Magnetic fields pass through tissues and bones and reach inaccessible tissues. FMS uses the super-inductive properties of the magnetic field deep in the body, thereby stimulating muscles that cannot be reached with electrical stimulation.
Treatment with FMS increases the strength and endurance of the pelvic floor muscles. In addition, the patient learns how to properly perform exercises that strengthen the muscles. This provides effective and long-lasting relief from uncontrolled urinary flow and weakened pelvic floor muscles.
Treat incontinence and pelvic floor problems with applicators built into the seat and back of the chair using two applicator seats.

Giving the desired shape to the body

Growth of muscle mass and increase in muscle strength

Hip lift

Helping to maintain the desired body shape

Easy fat burning

Establishing proper posture


Clinical applications of the Tesla Former device

Optimal shaping of the body

Increase muscle size and strength

Facilitate fat burning

Hip lift

Improve body posture


Muscular and skeletal rehabilitation

Treatment of disorders caused by aging

Rehabilitation in sports injuries

Repair of muscle and skeletal injuries

Pain treatment

Treatment of sexual disorders in men

Sports Medicine

Special privileges

Tesla Farmer special privileges


Non-invasive treatment


Generation of waves up to 50,000 pulses in a 30-minute session


No operator required


No need to rest


Using a magnetic field to generate waves


No need for prior preparation

Manufacturer company


Iskra Medical is a leading manufacturer of innovative technologies for slimming, physiotherapy, and muscle rehabilitation based on creating magnetic fields and muscle contraction stimulation.

This company builds the starting point of producing its products based on studying the therapeutic goal and considering the needs from the doctor’s point of view. Iskra Medical products are user-friendly, high performance and safe.

Currently, the medical equipment produced by this company includes electrotherapy equipment, ultrasound, vacuum, laser, pressure, magnetism, intense pulse light and radio frequency.

The company’s products hold ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality management system certificates. Also, these devices comply with the EU medical device directive MDD 93/42/EEC and have received the CE Medical certificate through the 2265 notification organization (3EC International).

Exclusive representative of the world’s top medical companies

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