Cooltech and Cooltech Define

Cooltech define & Cooltech

Cooltech Define device causes local reduction of subcutaneous fat cells. One of the advantages of this device is having handpieces with different dimensions that are suitable for all parts of the body. Also, the use of two handpieces, which are used simultaneously in two different areas of the body, significantly reduces the amount of treatment time.
Cooltech Define is also an exclusive cryolipolysis device that allows the simultaneous use of four applicators. The unique technology of fat freezing and its 360 degree cooling plates creates wonderful results for patients and doctors; So every patient wants to experience this effective, safe and very affordable treatment.


Coltech and Coltech Define

When the tissue of the human body is exposed to the cold, it starts to lose its heat. Studies have shown that compared to other tissues, fat cells have a greater tendency to lose heat and become cold much sooner, and in fact, fat cells are destroyed without harming other tissues.
Are you thinking of improving your body faster? With a diet and exercise plan, it is often difficult to lose fat in certain areas of the body. Going under pressure in the program is not for anyone and you will not get any results.

دستگاه کول تک

Coltech and Coltech Define

Cooltech helps you reduce fat deposits that you have been trying to get rid of for years. Its advanced cryolipolysis technology is applied with controlled cold comfortably and safely to the deepest layers of your skin. It safely freezes fat cells so that they die in a controlled manner and your body naturally disposes of them.
Coltcrush is ideal for fat loss. Because its techniques are highly adjustable and have different applicators for each area. In this way, it can bring truly miraculous results. These treatments can be applied to small areas such as the arms and submental as well as larger and usually problematic areas such as the abdomen and thighs.

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Treatment with Cooltech define and Cooltech

Cooltech treatments are topical fat reduction treatments. Its technology freezes fat tissue at -8 degrees in a completely safe and non-invasive way. During the fat tissue freezing process, only the fat cells are damaged. This is because these cells are rich in fatty acids that initiate the freezing process at temperatures above 10 degrees. Before the treatment, the areas to be treated are determined according to the tissue type and fat fold. After the definition, the most suitable category is selected for your treatment.

Treatment by this product is very safe. Your skin is always protected with our patent-pending cold protection technology, the Cool Gel Pad, an anti-freeze double gel wipe that keeps your skin in tip-top condition.

Cooltech treats most areas of the body, its 6 handles are designed to accommodate soft and hard tissues, flat and curved areas.

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Work with 4 applicators at the same time

  • 9 ergonomic handpieces with the ability to adapt to all areas of the body
  • 360 degree cooling of the entire treatment area
  • 9 treatment models for unique patient assessment

Technology and features of Cool Tech Define device

The Cooltech Define device itself is the definition of a non-invasive technique. This device initiates the apoptosis process using controlled cooling technology to permanently remove a significant number of fat cells from the treated areas.

9 different applicators

9 different applicators that adapt to all areas, all angles and all types of body shapes and provide the possibility of planning and designing treatment on a personal basis.

3 different levels of suction

Cooltech Define has 3 different suction levels that are individually adjusted to the characteristics of the fat tissue and the applicator used.

360 degree cooling technology

Applicators have 360 degree cooling technology that ensures cooling and homogenization of the entire subcutaneous fat, thus removing a higher percentage of fat in each session.

4 applicators at the same time

4 applicators can be used simultaneously in one session, Cooltech Define technology allows you to perform multiple treatments on all areas of the body to achieve full body contouring.

9 different treatment models

9 treatment patterns that allow planning and marking the treatment area in a precise way to ensure the best results for all treatments.

1 massage handpiece

The massager handpiece that has been proven to significantly increase the effectiveness of the treatment. Because it increases blood circulation and helps regulate the body’s internal temperature in the treatment area.

Types of Cooltech Define handpieces

The difference between Cooltech Define and Cooltech

Cooltech Define is a newer and more complete version of cooltech, which compared to its previous counterpart, has new changes in terms of technology and the number of handpieces, and a higher safety factor and treatment success. cooltech define
has 9 different detection patterns that are compatible with any treatment area to assess the patient and provide contouring.
Colltech Define applicators are designed with innovative 360 degree cooling technology. The inside of the applicator is completely covered with cooling plates that work homogeneously over the entire treatment area and provide excellent results.

The Cooltech Define device has 9 handpieces, 4 of which work simultaneously, while the number of handpieces in the Cooltech device is reduced to 6, of which 2 are active simultaneously.

Areas that can be treated with Cool Tech

  • Shaping the whole body
  • Goofy
  • Wrinkles around the armpits
  • Supra pectoral and infra pectoral area
  • Abdomen in the upper and lower areas of the navel
  • Trochanteric areas
  • Inner thigh
  • Inside and above the knee
  • Pubic area
  • Supra and infrascapular areas
  • the arms

Special features of the Cooltech Define device

  • Ability to use 4 applicators at the same time in one session
  • 360 degree cooling of the treated area;
  • 9 different applicators for the best placement of handpieces with a large surface area;
  • shaping the whole body in 2 hours;
  • RFID system of cool gel pads to reduce;
  • Cooltech define applicators with the new cooling 360 technology are designed to have a deeper cooling effect;
  • Cooling plates inside the applicator cool the entire treated area uniformly and will achieve brilliant results;
  • The applicators of this device have more contact surface and less depth compared to the previous version of cooltech, and have an optimal design for better and more uniform cooling of fat tissue;
  • The sensitive suction system inside the applicator makes the treatment more effective;
  • Older systems contained Capacitive Sensors, but the gel and pad interfered with detecting the temperature;
  • The new optical detection system has the advantage that the gel will not prevent temperature detection.
  • non-aggressive;
  • Few treatment sessions;
  • The irreversibility of fat cells is gone


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Cocoon Medical

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