Powershape 2 is one of the newest cellulite and local fat treatment systems using radiofrequency energy and vacuum in the world, which is produced and marketed by EunSung. This company belongs to South Korea, which has a lot of experience in the field of producing laser and radio frequency devices.
26 years of experience in manufacturing laser and radio frequency products has made this company one of the largest and most experienced companies. Therefore, every year, it produces and presents new devices to the market for the peace of mind and easier use of doctors.

If you have information about slimming and related devices, you have definitely come across the name of the Powership 2 device. This device is one of the latest technologies in the world for slimming, which will bring beauty and fitness through the combination of radio frequency waves.
This device is known as one of the best body contouring and skin lifting devices and will include several handpieces and treatments. With the combination of radiofrequency waves, this device has a great effect on fat tissue, fibrotics and cellulites, and it will also cause collagen formation and skin firmness.
In a way, it can be said that this device is also referred to as a 3 in 1 device; Because it works through RF waves and vacuum roll and will shrink fat cells and make you fit.

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Technologies used in Powershape2


Power Ship 2 is designed to deliver thermal energy to the depth of the skin layer and send electromagnetic waves. The heat energy produced reduces fat cells and helps to slim the body. With a bipolar RF handpiece and a multipolar RF handpiece together, you can treat different areas of the body without restrictions...


The powerful vacuum roll function increases blood circulation by suctioning the treated areas and makes the skin more efficient to optimize the RF energy. The vacuum causes lymphatic drainage, smoothes the body and helps reduce cellulite.

Low Level Laser

By sending specific wavelengths of laser light, PowerShape 2 significantly reduces the size of fat cells so that they become unstable and then break down through the body's natural process. It creates synergistic effects for slimming the body and maximizes the effects of fat reduction.

Powership 2 handpieces

Special benefits of the Powership 2 device

  • Can be used for all body types
  • Can be used on all skin types
  • Can be used for the face
  • Can be used on different parts of the body
  • Painless treatment
  • Without the use of anesthesia
  • No cuts or wounds
  • No need for special recovery and rest
  • Touch screen

Therapeutic applications of Powership 2

  • Local fat reduction and size reduction
  • Effective treatment of cellulite
  • Lipoedema treatment
  • Fix sagging skin
  • Skin rejuvenation, reduction of facial wrinkles
  • Help to remove edema after surgery, improve blood and lymphatic circulation

Manufacturer company


EunSung Company is a manufacturer of laser and radio frequency systems in the field of beauty and slimming with more than 26 years of experience.
Eunsung started its business in South Korea in 1995, focusing on innovative aesthetic medical equipment. One of the goals of this company has always been to bring beauty, slimness and fitness with medical solutions by focusing on new medical equipment.
The company’s products have European Medical CE standards and ISO 9001, ISO 13485 certificates.

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