Every success begins with an idea in a person’s mind.

Ideals are rooted in ideas

Ashkan Medical Idea Company started its journey by providing the best available technologies in the world to Iranian doctors in the fields of surgical lasers, surgical and dermatological radiofrequency, advanced slimming systems, and body analyzers worldwide. The devices of this company are widely used in hospitals, medical clinics, medical practices, and nutrition and fitness centers.

Our Mission:

We consider it our mission to believe in teamwork and rely on our loyal, committed, and responsible human capital. We have always strived to offer products to our customers based on physicians’ needs and medical studies, which, in addition to meeting their needs in patient care, allow them to share their medical information worldwide with each other. Ultimately, we aim to use technology and specialist human resources to bring about change and progress in key healthcare areas.

Our Vision:

At Ashkan Medical Idea, we strive to always be trusted by our customers and create a satisfying experience for them in using our products. The sale of products is defined as one of our goals; we are committed to being your trusted advisors in the specialized selection of goods, various world-renowned brands, and the procurement of the finest products. We aim to always be a reference for proper consultation and choosing the best options for you.


Ashkan Medical Idea always strives to provide the best ideas, solutions, and innovative technologies to esteemed doctors, benefiting the community of experts, and helping to promote the culture of healthcare in the country. We are committed to bringing higher quality treatments to patients by offering innovative and cutting-edge medical solutions to healthcare professionals.

At Ashkan Medical Idea, we dare to make new choices with devices that stand out from their counterparts. In fact, Ashkan Medical Idea is not just a name; it’s our culture. A culture that we have chosen to define new standards in the country’s healthcare. Ashkan Medical Idea has strived to provide ideal technologies by relying on customer needs and innovative treatment ideas.
More than 90% of the doctors and specialists who have engaged with us have consistently returned for the latest cutting-edge technologies after purchasing their first treatment center. This is because Ashkan Medical Idea has always pursued the latest and highest-quality technologies worldwide. In this way, doctors can confidently focus on patient care, and patients can be assured of the effectiveness of their treatments.

Saying of the CEO:

داستان ما بهترین شرکت تجهیزات پزشکی در ایران

And this is my boundless idea…

Wherever love is accompanied by honesty and continuous effort, it undoubtedly creates invaluable results. In the hearts of each of our founders, managers, and employees, the love for delivering products with the highest global quality has always had a permanent place, and time has made it even more fruitful.

With the very rapid advancement of technology in recent years, in today’s world, organizations that have succeeded in the highly competitive arena are those that have made organizational health, expertise, customer satisfaction, creativity, and innovation their motto and have relentlessly executed it.

The executive policies of Ashkan Medical Idea Company for optimal customer service include implementing core values such as continuous improvement in the organization, thinking big, offering the latest cutting-edge production technology, providing the best structural quality in line with global standards, offering unique and comprehensive consultancy and services to customers, and ultimately ensuring genuine customer satisfaction.


With two decades of experience in the field of medical equipment, I hope that I, along with all the employees of Ashkan Medical Idea Company, can succeed in elevating the name of our beloved Iran on the global stage.


Ashkan Eghbal Ahmadi
Exclusive Representation of the World’s Leading Medical Companies

Exclusive representative of the world’s top medical companies