The Micro Needle Radiofrequency technology used in Ashley’s device has been produced with the aim of eliminating the weakness of conventional fractional laser devices in the form of reducing the amount of destruction in the epidermis and very minor pain.

In Rf Fractional technology, ASHLEY device penetrates the dermis uniformly with very fine needles with insulating coating and transmits an effective amount of High Frequency energy to the tissue. Following the transfer of energy, columns of clotted protein are created in the tissue, which will stimulate the repair process and produce a sufficient amount of collagen fibers. The high speed of the device leads to an increase in the efficiency of treatment results and a significant reduction in pain.

In this method, due to the absence of damage to the epidermis, the recovery time is significantly reduced.

The Ashley device is one of the popular devices of the South Korean IDS company, which has a very up-to-date and unique treatment method for treating the dermis area of the skin. Ashley uses the latest fractional laser technology and non-invasive method, and by combining these two systems, it has become one of the best and most practical rejuvenation devices.

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Therapeutic uses of ASHLEY


Removal of all types of skin scars and acne scars

چین و چروک

Treatment of deep skin wrinkles

افتادگی پوست

Treatment of sagging skin and open pores

ضایعات پیگمانته

Treatment of pigmented lesions

ASHLEY technology and features

Adjustable penetration depth

Fast treatment with adjustable penetration depth from 0.5mm to 4mm with 0.1mm intervals

No side effects

No side effects such as wounds, burns and pigmentation
and painless treatment and quick recovery period

Simultaneous treatment with other systems

The possibility of simultaneous treatment with other systems due to the absence of damage to the epidermis

Automatic and manual operation

Equipped with a micromotor to provide both automatic and manual operation modes

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Unique benefits

  • It has four series of handpieces
  • Fast treatment with adjustable penetration depth
  • It has fine needles with gold insulation coating
  • The radiation of the teardrop and the release of energy from the needle played together
  • Very reasonable consumption cost
  • Painless treatment
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ASHLEY device specifications

Manufacturer company

IDS Company

IDS, with over 30 years of experience, is among the top manufacturers of Co2 Fractional lasers, Angela models, and RF rejuvenation in the world. Based in South Korea, IDS specializes in producing multifunctional lasers that can be used for both medical and cosmetic procedures simultaneously.
Over decades, IDS has focused on unique technology in the medical and cosmetic field, and its Co2 Fractional and RF rejuvenation technologies are distributed to over 45 countries worldwide. The company’s products meet CE Medical and FDA standards.

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