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ENT medical equipment

Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) medical equipment requires high precision and accuracy. Ashkan medical idea is the exclusive representative of A.R.C company, which produces the best laser technologies and treats very complex eye surgeries to nail fungus.


It is a device for surgical incisions using radio frequency waves with a frequency of 4 MHZ, and the heat generated at this frequency is completely superficial and the deep parts do not suffer from severe inflammation, damage and possible scarring.


The wolf 1470nm device of A.R.C company is a small laser system with high capability to treat vascular lesions of the lower limbs that fits the criteria of any treatment center. wolf can be used with many features and settings.


The Nuvolas laser platform is considered a multi-user device in terms of functionality. With the ability to connect and support fibers of 300, 400 and 600 microns, it can provide various types of treatments related to surgical and dermatological specialties.


This laser can be used to remove many lesions in sensitive areas (such as the vocal cords) that require high precision and remove the lesion with high speed and precision without damaging the surrounding healthy tissues. This feature has made it possible to use this laser by installing a micromanipulator and scanner on it in a wide range of ENT diseases.


This Micromanipulator is used for CO2 lasers with a wavelength of 10600 nm, it has the widest operating distance among all similar devices on the market (225-500mm), which also has the smallest adjustable spot size for applications where high precision is required. is, the availability of the smallest Spot Size is critical.


The FOX diode laser device with a wavelength of 980 nm and a power of 12 watts is one of the smallest and most suitable diode lasers for ENT surgeries. With high absorption in hemoglobin and water, this laser can create the necessary heat for tissue destruction and vascular coagulation in different tissues. One of the practical advantages of this laser is the use of a narrow optical fiber that allows access to different parts of the ear, throat and nose.